Our Food, our Choice

Happiness is a choice, even when it comes to food. We can’t stop eating for delicious food, yet we found ourselves guilty after satisfying our cravings. Sounds Familiar? Yes, we all did it! Eat what we crave! But always remember, NOT ALL DELICIOUS food was always healthy ones. Their advertise that we have seen everywhere are so mouth-watering food. They all look good. 

Sometimes due to our very busy schedule, we just tent to prefer fast food rather than cooked once since they were available everywhere, near our office and even in our houses. We can just drop by and have our take-outs anytime we want. But those fast food were not always serving healthy food at all such as patty, soda and etc. This food contains additives, salt, fats, and other contents that were not healthy for us that will affect our health soon.

There are misconceptions about the word “diet”. Does really eating less means you’re on a diet? Maybe yes, maybe no. Let me blow your mind. Less eating foods can’t make you on a good diet like others think it is. You would know if you’re on the wrong track if it will compromise our health in the later part of our lives. Have you seen the difference? Food matters on how healthy we are eating and not with the volume and how delicious we partake.

We are all responsible for what we eat. We have a choice to eat wise but we also have a choice to be unwise.

Amidst this COVID pandemic we are in right now, let us all stay safe and eat HEALTHY!

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