Let’s Tune-Up!

We are all guilty of this new year’s resolution – to get in SHAPE! After enjoying food from one party to another during the holiday season, this was the first resolution that we wanted to achieve. 

Obviously,  exercise can make our mind and body healthy. It will give us refreshments by doing it consistently.But the problem is how to stay on the course! Many obstacles hinder our goals such as job schedule, family gatherings and etc. These were the times that we might get tempted to lose track of our diet and reward ourselves with cheat days. But what if our daily exercise gets compromised? The research revealed that exercise and happiness have something to do with endorphins. The study showed that exercise can boost the mood of a person for 12 hours. 

Let’s go back to the magic word. But sometimes if we were not used to exercising, you may be wondering how to get started again. Discipline! Yes, we can exercise at any time of the day wherever we are. But our discipline got tested when we are in our comfort zone – HOME! The temptation arises especially when we are with our families.  Your beloved ones usually cooked your favorite food, dessert, and so on. That’s one of the reasons why do people enroll in a gym, to escape from temptation of overeating.

Gym instructors, however, helped you reach your fitness goal and teach you how to maintain self-discipline. It will give you a new perspective from the fitness world you were enrolled in.

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