Be Fit!

According to research, the food that we intake in our bodies can pull the trigger of depression and anxiety. But we can get rid of such, if we only ensure our body with proper nutrients and exercise. Depression and anxiety can be genetic but it can also be acquired from the food we are partaking that will trigger those conditions. These are the reasons why we need to take care of our physical and mental health as well.

Healthy minds can achieve more than we can imagine. When the body is healthy, the mind can think positively and productively. This COVID pandemic not only affects the economy but also the physical and mental health of the individual as well.

As home quarantine is still going on, people cannot help to think about what food to eat meal after meal. But letting this happen all throughout during quarantine will lose one’s discipline to their fitness goals.

Less Carb Simply Won’t Work!

Fats and Carbs are controversial nowadays because of how it affects our body naturally. However, research has proven that protein is important to make our muscles and bones stronger, boost metabolism and at the same time fast burn fat. Almost everyone was so conscious of their diet, but we need to remember that enough protein will make us get rid of protein deficiency. 

Less carb means less calories were not always true. People tend to be so cautious reading calorie labels at the back of the food package without even realizing that carb is what we need to start our day right!

The very essential intake that we need to have is enough carbs to make our bodies stronger and healthier. Instead of losing a big amount of carbs, why not try to increase the amount of protein, vegetables and fats intakes to make our body work fittingly.

Let’s Restart!

Let’s reset our minds to be healthy while staying at home. Let’s rebuild our healthy habits again and work on our meal plan cautiously. Let’s all be FIT. COMMIT to it!

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