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The weekly webcast where we share two books that we love and think you should read right now!

Over the years, we've found that the simple act of talking about books can be a powerful way to connect readers both to their potential next read and to one another. There is something magical about hearing another person talk about a book they love. As the saying goes, passion is contagious and book passion is especially irresistible! That's why we encourage educators to talk about what they're reading with the young people they serve, their colleagues, and communities!

#ReadThisNow was created as a way to model how simple, but powerful, this practice is. Each week, we connect to share one, unscripted, book talk with one another. While the format of our weekly book talks has changed over time, one thing has remained constant: our belief that sharing our hearts through books is one of the most joyful gifts we can give young people.

With that in mind, this site houses our latest episode as well as our show archive. The spreadsheet below not only contains links to all previous shows, but it also serves as a running list of new and notable titles for young people. We hope you find all of these resources useful and that you’ll be inspired to share some book talks of your own!

Happy reading, everyone!

Brad and Jenn



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This resource was created by Jennifer LaGarde and Brad Gustafson. We use the hashtag #readthisnow to share books we love on social media.